Wednesday, April 23, 2014


At the end of this month, CMBA members will once again vote on potential new member blogs. An email will be sent to all current members early next week that will include links to the blogs under consideration, a brief background on each and a link to the ballot. The window for members to cast votes is one week.

The board recently voted (as it did last year) to increase the maximum number of blogs to be admitted this year from twelve to twenty. Ten blogs will be on the upcoming ballot. The next vote will take place in July.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

It's Almost Time For A CMBA Blogathon!

The CMBA Blogathon: Fabulous Films of the 50s 

CMBA members will be taking a look back at some of the most memorable, interesting films of the decade.  The event will run from May 22nd - May 26th and we do hope you'll join us.

If you haven't yet signed on for the Blogathon and you would like more details email  with CMBA Blogathon in the title by April 20th.

We hope you'll add the banner to promote the event and stay tuned for the full list of participants.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Coming in May: A One Day Blogathon Celebrating Tyrone Power's 100th Birthday

He rose to movie stardom at the ripe young age of 22 and reigned as an international star for another 22 years, until his sudden death in 1958. During those two-plus decades, Tyrone Power was top-billed in hit films of many genres, from romantic comedy to disaster epic, musical, costume drama, western, adventure, wartime drama, swashbuckler, prestige literary adaptation, biopic, courtroom drama and even film noir. He also managed to serve as a pilot in the Marine Corps during World War II and carve out a stage career for himself after the war. His wedding to his second wife, Linda Christian, in Rome, caused a near-riot. When he collapsed and died, at age 44, while filming a biblical epic in Spain, it was headline news around the world. His private funeral in Hollywood was attended by filmdom's great luminaries and his burial was a mob scene of frenzied fans.

Monday, May 5th marks the 100th anniversary Tyrone Power’s birth, and Patti of They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To and Patty of Lady Eve's Reel Life will host a blogathon in celebration of his life and career. Power-Mad is a one-day-only event.

Participants are invited to review the actor’s films (one blogger per film, please), post a photo spread or a biographical essay (you might cover his life in general or strictly his movie career, his military service during World War II or his post-war stage career, or...) – basically, feel free to get creative.

If you'd like to participate please send an email to Patty at or Patti at and include your name, your blog's name and web address, and the title/subject of your post.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Coming in April: The James Stewart Blogathon

The Classic Film & TV Café will host the James Stewart Blogathon on April 14-17. Any blogger may participate, providing that he or she complies with the Café's family-friendly blogathon guidelines.

Each film can only be reviewed by one blogger. All posts will appear on the blogger's web site. Individuals are responsible for the content of their blog posts, to include the use of any photographs, video clips, etc. A master schedule of all blogathon posts will appear on the Café web site. The number of participating bloggers will be limited to 32 and posting dates will be assigned to participants.

If you're interested in participating, please send an e-mail to: Be sure your e-mail includes your name, blog's name and web address, and the title of your post. Rick will send out additional information to all blogathon participants, to include a link to the final schedule.

The cut-off date for accepting blogathon entries will be Saturday, April 5th.

Click here for more information.

Bell, Book and Candle (1958)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Who's the Greatest Villain of Them All?

Join the Great Villain Blogathon, April 20 - 26

You are cordially invited to participate in the Great Villain Blogathon, a celebration, an examination, a rumination on your choice of classic movie menace. Whether human, fantastical, alien, mineral or animal, whether horseback or spaceship, clad in a toga, trench coat or cardigan, whether mantrap, mild mannered or commanding vast armies, write up a post on your favorite movie baddie, doer of dastardly deeds or offender of moral order.

Your co-hosts in this exploration of villainy are...

If you wish to take part, please leave a comment on any of the host blogs or send an email, and prepare to share who you think is filmdom's worst.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sleuthaton, A Classic Detective Blogathon

Mysteries! One of the most popular motion picture genres and one of the most versatile. Here is your chance to celebrate the many faces of the classic movie mystery. Join CMBA member blog Movies Silently at the "Sleuthathon," where the classic detectives of pre-1965 cinema and television will have their day in the sun.

The event is open to CMBA members and non-members alike and will be held on March 16-17, 2014. Click here, for details. 


Friday, January 31, 2014

31 Days of Oscar 2014 Blogathon

Starting on February 1st a mammoth blogathon event to coincide with Turner Classic Movies (TCM) annual 31 Days of Oscar celebration is being hosted by CMBA member blogs Citizen Screen and Outspoken and Freckled along with Paula’s Cinema Club.

Share stories about the films and players that made an impact throughout Oscar’s distinguished history. Talk about the films, actors or directors that deserved an Oscar nod and were ignored or about films that inspire you with their music or lighting. The world’s your golden oyster, so, the envelope please…

Here are the topics by week: 

Week 1 – the weekend of Feb. 1 2: Oscar Snubs! Let’s let the venting kick things off! 
Week 2 – the weekend of Feb. 8 – 9: Music, Costumes, Cinematography, Writing, etc. You name it, it’s in! 
Week 3 – the weekend of Feb. 15 – 16: Actors! Lead and supporting take center stage! 
Week 4 – the weekend of Feb. 22 – 23: The Directors! 
Week 5 – the weekend of Feb. 28 – Mar. 1: The Movies! 

The three blogs are taking turns hosting, but participants can submit topics either by leaving comments on any one of the blogs - or via twitter or by email. Please include the following: 

  • Title and link to your blog
  • Contact information
  • Topic 

For more information contact: Aurora (@CitizenScreen) of Once Upon a Screen, Kellee (@IrishJayHawk66) of Outspoken and Freckled, or Paula (@Paula Guthat) of Paula's Cinema Club.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


This month CMBA members will vote on potential new member blogs. An email will soon be sent to all current members that will include links to the blogs under consideration, a brief background on each of the blogs and a link to the ballot. The window for members to cast votes is one week.

Twelve blogs will be on the ballot. Since CMBA admits a maximum of twelve new member blogs per year, no more applications for membership are being accepted for this voting period. In the event that all blogs under consideration are not voted in (70% "yes" votes are required), the next new member election will be held in April.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! It's CMBA Blogathon Time

It's time to read all about the passion for film that stirs in the hearts of our fellow CMBA members!

Click on the links below and enjoy:

Monday, December 2
Tuesday, December 3
Wednesday, December 4
Thursday, December 5
Friday, December 6

Monday, November 25, 2013

It's Almost Time For The CMBA Blogathon!

CMBA Blogathon: Film Passion 101

Who can forget that one film that lit the spark that became the flame of passion for classic film?

From December 2 - 6 the Classic Movie Blog Association (CMBA) will be hosting a blogathon that will allow us to share that special moment and its meaning and get to know what makes the members of CMBA tick!

Here's the stellar list of participants (drum roll please):

Monday, December 2
John @ Twenty Four Frames: A Budding Cinephile
Ruth @ Silver Screenings: Laurel & Hardy Silent Shorts
Marsha @ A Person in the Dark: The Public Enemy
Tuesday, December 3
Margaret @ The Great Katharine Hepburn: The Women
Ivan @ Thrilling Days of Yesteryear: King Kong
Fritzi @ Movies, Silently: City Lights
David @ The Man on the Flying Trapeze: Singin' in the Rain
Wednesday, December 4
Patty @ The Lady Eve's Reel Life: The Gay Divorcee
Aurora @ Once Upon a Screen: Meet Me in St. Louis
Meredith @ Dear Mr. Gable: Gone With the Wind
David @ A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Wizard of Oz
Karen @ Shadows and Satin: Red Dust
Thursday, December 5
Java @ Java's Journey: Hit the Deck
Kellee@ Outspoken & Freckled: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
Paddy @ Caftan Woman: Shane
Lara @ Backlots: Lili
Patti @ They Don't Make 'Em Like The Used To:  Roman Holiday
Friday, December 6
Tracy @ Random Ramblings of a Broadway, Film, and TV Fan : Film Passion 101: A Daughter's Education in Cinema.
Page @ My Love of Old Hollywood: My Man Godfrey
Ginny @ Old Movies Nostalgia: The Philadelphia Story
Danny @ Pre-Code.Com: Duck Soup
Donna @ Strictly Vintage Hollywood: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Dorian @ Tales of the Easily Distracted: North by Northwest

Sunday, October 27, 2013


CMBA Blogathon: Film Passion 101

Who can forget that one film that lit the spark that became the flame of passion for classic film?

From December 2 - 6 the Classic Movie Blog Association (CMBA) will be hosting a blogathon that will allow us to share that special moment and its meaning and get to know what makes the members of CMBA tick!

The blogathon is for CMBA members only, so be sure to add CMBA Blogathon in your post title, include a link to the post schedule on our blog site, and add the banner of your choice to your blog.

Please email
by November 25th to lets us know which film you will be reviewing.

Please use "CMBA Film Passion 101 Blogathon" for your e-mail title.